About Us


Pa’Lante Apparel is dedicated to providing Hispanic driven apparel to all those who relate to the Latin community. Especially for the enthusiastic Hispanic who takes pride and honor in their culture and heritage. In hopes of inspiring and empowering el orgullo latino, Pa’Lante Apparel encompasses the culture, attitude and expressions shared by millions of Latinos.

My name is Candace Cintron, welcome to Pa'Lante Apparel! This site is dedicated to all Latinas who share with me pride and honor in being a Latina. Ever since I can remember I have always been so proud to be a Latina, proud of our culture, our people, our music and of everything that embodies the pure definition of 'orgullo latino'. I want to pass on this enjoyment and share it with Latinos worldwide who day after day continue to grow and evolve.

Candace Cintron
Join me on my journey as Pa'Lante Apparel commits and devotes itself to empowering and inspiring Latinos to advance their selves in today's society while always being full of pride y orgullo latino! Echa Pa'Lante! Never forget who you are your language, people, culture, y tu música con Pa'Lante Apparel!!


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